1945 November

Letter to Alcoholic Foundation that a couple of loners had held the first AA meeting in Las Vegas.

1945 December
Letter to Alcoholic Foundation sating group is continuing to meet.

1946 January
Las Vegas Group returned questionnaire stating 24 members.

1946 February
Las Vegas group had Box 732 and a secretary.

1946 June
Excerpt from a letter to the Alcoholic Foundation from San Francisco:<br>
ON May 23rd, while on business in Reno, I found that city had a bad need of an AA group so I got busy and started one – a little group of four with the first meeting on Saturday evening in the house of a couple. I recently heard that the group has increased to ten.
1946 July
Reno  Group now had fifteen members and Box 166 with a secretary.
1946 August
Las Vegas Group – Now Box at Box 2, secretary and thirty-five members.  Henderson Group – Box 453, secretary and four members.

1946 September
Excerpt from Grapevine:
Writing about the Las Vegas, Nevada Group, with 35 men and woman to date, and the new branch that has been formed by members from Boulder City and Henderson, a Las Vegas correspondent, lauding the work of A.A., begins with: “Last November, when it was announced that Alcoholics Anonymous had organized in Las Vegas, a startled woman went to her minister and complained at the sorry state of affairs. She declared that things were coming to an awful fix
‘when the drunks organize.”

Reno Group – reported building a clubhouse and plans a big meeting on November 17th  with the San Francisco Group, the Governor, Warden of the State Prison, chief of Police,  Mayor and many others
1946 October
Excerpt from the Grapevine:
From Northern California comes word that there has been “considerable opposition to
the A.A. program in Reno, Nevada.” But since some of the Sacramento and Roseville  members
18 in all – went to Reno and held an opening meet, it is felt that the Reno populace now has a better understanding of the aims of A.A.
1947 February
Nevada listings in the Directory shared a small page with two other states.  Henderson: four members, same secretary and Box # as August 1946  Las Vegas: thirty-five members, same secretary and Box # as August 1946  Carson City: five members and a secretary and showed $85.0 contribution to the alcoholic Foundation.   Reno: fifty eight members, with a secretary (comprised of seven groups)

1947 March
Caron City Group organized the first meeting in the Nevada State Prison.  About 25 inmates attend regularly.

1947 August
Nevada added:
Ely: a longer
Fallon: two members
Hawthorne: a longer
Verdi: Donner Trail Group – four members
Reno: has a club at 22 e. 8th street.
Caron City, Las Vegas and Reno all showed group contributions.
1948 February

Nevada still shares a small page with three other states in the directory.   Carson City: fifteen members, same secretary ($15.00 Alcoholic Foundation contributio).   Fallon: Same  Henderson: now listed the secretary as a loner.
Las Vegas: thirty five members and a secretary ($32.00 Alcoholic Foundation contributio).
Verdi: Same

1948 August
Only five cities report groups or loners.
Boulder City: a loner
Carson City: Same
Las Vegas: forty-five members and a secretary
Reno: Group #1 – 60 members, Group #2 – 14 members
Sparks: a loner

1949 June
A letter from the Reno Group states they had new headquarters at 415 W. 1st St.
with closed meetings Monday and Wednesday evenings and open meetings on Friday evenings
also a twenty-four hour answering service.   The spring 1949 Directory showed a membership for Nevada 119.
Boulder City was not listed and the Ely – White Pine Group had two members  and a secretary. Other listings showed little change from August 1948.